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hey guys! sorry i havent been on with school and all thats happened and my emotional breaks i think i deserved the time off.

here's what's happened over the year.
1. i had prob with my boyfriend (now my ex) on how i felt and my feelings.
2. i had another boy talking sweet things in my ear so i was swept away with words -_-.
3. broke up with my babe and got with a guy i never met and dated for a couple days over internet then broke up with him because it feel wrong and was stupid and i missed my babe.
5. met the guy i dated over the internet and got grounded because my mom didn't know him and i went to my friends house with her and her mom to met him and we spent the night together.
6. keep getting together and breaking up with my ex because i was massively confused about what i wanted (like always -_-)
7. found out the guy i slightly was crushing on for quite awhile liked me too for the moment he met me.
8. decided to date him and turned out to be the best thing ever!
9. got bad grades because i was depressed after i broke up with my ex that i loved dearly.
10. stopped going to school and got really depressed and messed up my life a while.
11. family issues and fights and loses.

ya i know messed up a lot right? this is why i wasn't on for a while but the reason now? i hang with my amazing babe 24/7 and have a normal life though i will try to be on more and post more over the summer :) ttys bye guys!
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i have an so if you have any queastions just ask there. here the link:
hey everyone whats up? I'm writing to you today because my friends asked me to help pormo them so i am here's there twitters, tumblr's, horwse's and facebook's. enjoy~! :D :)……
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me and codes convo on my phone :)

him: well there is something i have won....

me: ???

him: you :) the greatest prize in the world <3 and i continue to work for it, the only prize i would continue to work for even after i have it

me: O.o an you say your not a romantic o.o lies!!!!!!

him: XD im not!



and that is you im posting this XDDD just to prove something :) O:)
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ok so im thinkin of doin a friend helped me realize that its not wt other ppl want its wt i want so im goin to right a story called the red rose garden and i dont want any negativity thank u XDDDD
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tagged by

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about \"you\'re tagged if you\'re reading this\". You legimately have to tag 11 people.

Five thing about me:
1)i love wolfs
2)im a BIG manga freack! XD
3)ive never done this b4
4)im not a very good drawer
5)i have 5 +cats XD

1) What is your favorite TV show? vampire diaries (XD epppppppppp!!)

2) What is your favorite movie? howls moving castle! (i have the book and the movie)

3) What is your favorite color?  blue

4) Who is your favorite actor? 0.0 fav actor? um.... shot i dont have one.

5) Who is your favorite artist(singer)? owh do i have to chose just one i have like 100000. XD

6) who do you want to fuck? why would i tell u that!(why would someone ask that?o.o)

7) Who do you love? no one

8) what do you do? draw, read, paint, go to school...

9) what is your favorite anime character? i could never have just one !

10) who do you miss? my daddy (that i dont have)

11)  How much to do YOU wuv me??? this much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

thier questions:
1)Which is your favorite book?

2)What do you like to do during your free time?

3)Which places would you like to visit?

4)Which anime do you like??

5)Do you prefer traditional art or digital art?

6)what song do you like?

7)Do you hate getting tagged??(stupid question but I have no idea what to write)

8)What clothes do you like?

9)Do you prefer manga or anime?

10)What game do you like?

11)Would you be tempted to kill me??(especially for Kiki and Lulu!!)

1)i could never chose!

2)sleep, draw or bug my mum.

3)the whole world!!!! (thats my dream in life)


5)i dont care art is art!

6)every boby loves me by One Republic & Anything you can do I can do better & Honey\'s Happy Song.

7)this is the first time i dont really mind it.


9) ow i have to chose! manga

10)game? howrse


my turn:

1)what animal do u like?

2)what song do u like?

3)have u ever kissed anyone?

4)which one monkeys or giraffe?

5)r we friends?

6)do u like popcorn?


8)do u know ur alphabet?

9)how good of a drawer am i on a scale of 1-10?

10)do u like d-art?

11)how much do u lovz me!

:iconamarevia: :iconangelghidorah: :iconfaithfullly: :iconmediumix: :iconmikaru-chanxx: :iconalicerosemoon: :iconkitty-kit: :iconelesq: :iconjeremy317: :iconangelghidorah: :iconmissxnami:
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OK so im bored! who wants to RP? ill start and you'll go with it kk!! OK if your going to do this you have to

1. tell me & post at bottom
2. copy and paste this to your deviontart
3. have F.U.N.
4. be appropriate.

OK here we go ->

raven smith RP!

a door opens to a school on the north end of Britten. in walks a girl named raven. shes 18. black hair red eyes. shes sweet kind nice. the normal girl stuff. the only thing about raven is she has a secret.

raven: (to herself) UGGG! another day of school!

she walks to her locker, opens it and rumiges through it to get her books.

raven: huh? where'd I leave that book!

she looks a little more until she gives up on finding it and not paying attention closes her locker and bumps in to the girl she hates the most. samantha k.

samantha: watch it freack!
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im takeing request and art trades that is all XD
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OK ive been lookin all over the place for this stuped anime that doesnt eggzist (didnt spell that right) it has a green talkin cat and a pink one two. then theres the robots THOSE STUPED ROBOTS! theres a boy one and he doesnt hav arms there just wapens a sorwd and a gun of some sorts. the girls robots the some thing only its pink. then theres a hunam girl and shes idk 9-13 and she has brown hair (i think?) and glasses that are........... not small.
she goes to school and in the middle everyones poor (agian i think?) in the end theres this gaint cude thing and she almost dies and the blue robot saves her and they kill a bad guy and then she goes through a portal and the blue robot says that he can come back for x amont of years and she crys and hes like oooo and she i think says kiss me and he say how can i have no hands id hurt u (ahahah  i so laughted at that XD) and they kiss next to a warterfall and thats how it ends so why the hell cant i find it? someone help meeee im going insane!!!!!!!!!!! ive been crying for hour!!! HOUR'S!!!!!!


HELP ME!!!!!
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ok you know how i was writeing a fanfic called forbidden? well i did it at 3 at night and it wasnt very well spelt or writen so i had my best friend :iconalicerosemoon:
fix it for me and shes been writeing it with me so im takeing the chapters down and reposting them there so much better beleave me XD and i will b posting new chapters soon 2 XD ok bye
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hey everone i think im geting better at drawin. XD yay!! hey what do u think? post a coment and tell me if im doing better XD!!!

ps. this doesnt inclued alice, deva, kerri or anyone else that i no on her from home. goodbye
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omg i makeing a web site XD
-_- but it takes forever........
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OMG im so cool likin in dresses omg wait till u guy c ull loves it XD and yes tara thats me XP ahhahahah im pritty XD oh ya the pic isnt up yet ahahhaha spoiler alert XD ...................................................................................................and read my book-> forbidden plz i lovs it and im sure u will 2. the first 3 chapters are out so read them plz. the pics will b up soon and there on face book!!!!!
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this week my kittens died and now i hate my life, but if i look at the bright side i still have the orange kitten that was stronger then the others :') kinda i dont no if he'll live. we'll c bye bye.
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"Who actually reads my journals?
Let's see who reads this entirely... Leave me a one word comment that best describes me, using the SECOND letter of your FIRST name. It can only be ONE word. Then copy and paste this to your journal so I can leave a word about you. Don't just PUT a word and NOT copy, that's no fun."
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[first day]


i when camping 2 days ago and met 2 guys one 14 and one 16. me and my sis were.... how do you say it ? interested but we weren't going to go after them. till they come to us. the Minuit r tent was set up my brother Dominic when to play basketball and Taylor went with him. a couple Minuit's later Taylor came running. she looked really existed yelling that there was two guys that wanted to talk. i was lik 'oh shit imma get hocked up' and got all happy but it was kinda late. i thought 'ya there r 2 hot guys waiting for u but r tired right?' so i went and said no. but Taylor grabbed me and said we were going to the swings but what i did no was that they were there.

all i could think was 'wow hot' the was a tell hansom,shaggy blondish hair (from what i could tell in the sunset) , 16 hunk.

he was siting on a bench next to the swings with his brother. he had the same shaggy hair but more so then his brother. well i don't really care. what i don't lik him?

anyway back to hot stuff. when Taylor snapped me out of my hot guy coma. they ask us to sit and talk. so we did . excepted the fact-ed that i was scared out of my mind. so i just stood there till i realized they talked. so i sat down first next to hunk. (it went Taylor, me, hunk, other guy) and talked when found out there names, Jamie and Sean. (heehee Sean XD)

we also found out that they live in Warwick. then they asked to push us on the swings so i was like' hell ya lets do this' so we did. they had to go to there camp after awhile, so they told us to wait but when they lifted i got suspicious. so after lik an hour i left with my sis. after we got settled and i had almost got 2 sleep we hear "Dakota" and immediately new it was Sean and Jamie. my mom was up reading and yelled/graled "dakota's sleeping" and i guess after that they left but then we hered footsteps and i laughed.

[next day]


i woke up 2 my sis yelling "lets go were going 2 leave 2muro come on" and pulled me up.we when 2 the swings and sat there waiting. then Taylor thought she saw them at the pool so we went. there they were in there bathin suits all hot and stuff. *drool* i on the other hand sat in a chair next 2 my mom in the corner of the pool yard. then we lifted the pool i went back 2 the swinings. after lik 19 mints Taylor lifted getting a feeling some 1 was watching her. (hmm who could it be?) and when she walked away i hear " psss taylor come here" from behind me. soon enough i hear " Dakota come here" i look behind me and there is Jamie and Sean siting with my sister at the spot i was with my mom. so i walk over there and said hi and talked with them.

i got a better look at'em and found out there eye colors. Sean had brown eyes. and the other blue (who cares :p) anyway we talked and then got ice-cream. (yup ice-cream yum XD and then Sean goes and byes me some heehee*more drool*) after that i got bored bec they were all like " oh look Dora ice-cream oh look spongebob " (but come on how does that not get annoying what children pfff) so i said " hey guys who wants 2 go swimming?" and boy did they just at that.all yelled "yea" and ran out the door. (god guys and the pool, ill never get it?) so we all got r bathing suits and ran 2 the pool. we when swimming and then went on a hey ride. we when back in the pool and then back on the swings. that's when i found out what an ass the guys were. they started talking about how many girls they kissed, had sex with, and dated. thats when i got pissed and felt out of place. then they teased there friend. bringing a girl over and flirting with her. i felt used and hurt. i just kinda stood there with Taylor. tired of listening to these ideas i left to sit were we met. Taylor followed. then the little sister of the boy Sean and Jamie were teasing. the girl lifted and me and my sister went back to them. it was just me, the boy, Taylor, and Jamie, Sean. it was quite and then that boy lifted. at last me, Sean, Taylor and Jamie. then they did it again talking about the girls they've done. so i got up and lifted and went 2 camp for bed.

[next day]


we packed up and got in the car. as we pasted the pool who do we see (joy :( arent i sad enough?) Jamie and Sean. ( oh Sean y, Y r u such an ass :() as we rode by all i saw was there sad/shocked/blank faces.
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my xs is trying to get me back. hes been trying sens i left he about a year ago. he buges me and tontes me sense.i mean i loves him but only as a friend.lik hed say stuff likk we soul mates and stuff and then yell at me for not being "his girl". god i hate him hes so stuped.this is wt he said to me to day- call me i wont u back and i miss u plz were soul mates plz take me back- lik realy go to hell dude

lovs ya all bye
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ok it finily saterday and im at my frinds 2:00 and im going to write a story. its about a girl that losted her fother and goes through a terrdle accidents. i dont anything to say so im gonna cute it short bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps. read my fuckin story. :) bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! agean.

im back and my sico x wont leve me alown. im so deperested :(
our conversasion
[Kevin Rositer]
sup swing
were hav u been
[Kevin Rositer]
ive bin over my bros house y
oh um no reson do u still love me
[Kevin Rositer]
y do u love me so much? wts so fuckin loveable about me?
[Kevin Rositer]
because your cute nide funny , when i was with you i never felt so good and i just love u
well arnt u wite ing something long lol
fagit...... stop foling your self u dont love me u love my easy going atitud and the fact that i acsily loved u but i dont so stop saying u do just bec u wont sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Kevin Rositer]
no i dont
and ya i still love u but i have a girl and we already did it and i am over u as a gf way i love u as a freind
ya wt ever as far as im consernd u and that whole dont egzist and wt we had is nothing any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eat that ass!!!!!!!!!!
[Kevin Rositer]
and that was my day sofar and its only 9:32
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im going to school in an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man as if my day wasnt bad already.

ok so its the end of the day and im going to my locker.i get to my loker  open it and someone pushes my locker shut ON MY HAND. and holy fuck did that hart. i go to the teacher and asked for a badad.she said ya and im just lik well were are thay?.i go back in my class room and sit down to sock up the pain and wait for the teacher to come in after lik 30 minits i look up and there she is thank god i was about to kill my self god. so i go up to her and say can i have a bandaid now and she goes lik oh not agean! then she move to her desk and im lik oh tank u.i sit down and theres one of the boys i lik siting right there next to me. things just cant get any wearse. but now im at home writing to u gays and the guy i lke is talking to me too.
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today i whent to school and threed perod we had ss and we have a project due today.i had totly partnerd with my friend and  just didnt have time to call mom. so i when before class right and tolled my friend that i forgot the project.she didnt mined to much so that made me fell a little better.right when we told the teacher (miss angel) the other teacher (miss jarild) called me over to the door.i was so scared.she said something like oh u no that this is cuteing in to bolth ur grades.i walked back to me seat feeling lik shit complet and outer shit. one time and she rings me did i hate that teacher. anyway the rest of the day when ok.we had cake and i whent to my next class and the next and the next till school was out and i was free. know hear i am telling you. man i have to get a life. :0 no not that u gays arnt asome. see u next time: bella aka the girl in the liberary.