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date, time: Monday, June 24, 2013
8:24:13 AM

Chapter 3, Desired.

Jyotsn's point of view

"JYOTSN! JYOTSN!!! WHERE ARE YOU WE NEED YOUR HELP!" I heard the cry from my mothers den and jumped up looking around. My golden eyes wondering frantically. Till finally i spotted a light brown pup running around like it was being chased by a grizzle. "OVER HERE DEAR!" Calling to her i trotted over. "What's the panic about hun?" She tried catching her breath and was gasping for air when she said "We need you to help us! onna's dying!" The plead in her face was strong and i hadn't thought twice about how she meant help at the time i just knew i needed to. Nodding and running full speed with the pup behind me i ran toward the west side of the packs barrier. Leaping over branches and rocks and even other wolves without stopping to see if i hit anyone. My light fur simmering in the light and made it hard to pay attention. The rush ran through me like lightning through the sky. Dashing around a corner and into another den i came to a hafty halt slightly falling over myself. quickly regaining my composure i trotted over to a now surrounded pup of only 2 month not even.

"What's the problem here?" The father snapped his head around and barked "Shouldn't you know that !" His mate (my sister) quickly nipped at him with no passions and then licked his muzzle to calm him. "She was just asking don't you think you should be nice to the person who's about to save your daughter?" Save? What did they think i was? A god? Then again shes always thought i was magically and could save the world with powers everyone but me thought i had. At the time i didn't think about it, too worried about the young pup to care anyways. "Save! save! ha! she was here not but a month ago and onna's only gotten worse!" Staring at him i ask them all "Why did no one come tell me? If its only been getting worse then she should have seen me sooner!" I nuzzled the small infant with my nose and it made a small, sad, weak, whimpering like noise. It was fading fast. What was i to do though? How was i to help? What did they expect me to do? I looked up to see them all watching me with intent in their eyes. "Please everyone out of the cave" They all willingly left with not one argument but the father and mother. "Were expected to leave? You with our youngest? I think not! I think you've done enough! Get out!" My sister nipped his ear again. I'm not sure how she put up with the male. "I need you to leave so i can focus on the youngster please" My sister nodded and pulled her male along with her by the ear as he tried to protest.

With a sigh i sniff the pup again. Almost gone. Theirs nothing i can do but love it and watch it die. So i curl into a ball about it and love it as it fades. Its warm and soft with a slight bit of sweet around its body. Poor things shivering as i lay next to it. It stops once I've got my thick coat around its small almost lifeless self. Slowly it starts to shake and its head rises eyes rolling back into its head. Its the worse sight in the world for me. After about a moment its still. Head on my tail like it's asleep. I nuzzle it one last time. I think how it must have felt in its final moments. Another sigh escaped me as i slowly rise. What do i tell them? I laid with it so it could die ? Or better yet i couldn't do much or anything if anything. Another sigh as i reach the dens entrance. Looking up the mother and father and family waits worried and when i go to speak the father runs passed an into the den. " I.... i'm sorry for your lose... " And

the next thing i felt was a sharp pain in my neck. I'm on the ground the pain still in my neck slowly getting worse " YOU LIED! LIAR!!! SHE'S DEAD! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU SHE WAS NO GOOD AND BECAUSE YOU TRUSTED YOUR LYING SISTER ONNA'S DEAD!!!" the ringing in my ears from his screams tore through me. what had i done? what did they want? what's going on?

My sister jumped at her mate knocking him off of me and as i got up blood dripped from my neck. "Sister.... is she.... my baby..." She slowly disappeared into the dens mouth. It felt like hours went by as the father was keep away from me by his two older sons of a different mate. Finally she walked out of the den with a limp pup in her mouth. She walked over to a cherry tree nearby and placed it down gently as she dug a hole for its burial. After a moment of staring at the upturned dirt after she buried her pup she turned to me. " Run " her eyes told me she'd kill me but my heart told me she wouldn't. So i turned and ran, into the woods, passed my home, my family and friends, pass my life. that is and now forever gone.
When a wolf is thought to have mystical powers and is call on for help by a family friend but doesn't know what she can do for the families youngest pup what will happen.
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