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‎date/time: Sunday, ‎June ‎23, ‎2013, 7:55:45 PM

Chapter 2, Found.

Haani's point of view

The rustle in the bushes to the left did not pass by me as my left ear twitches in the direction. I lay low waiting. Its a hot summer day and were on a hunting trip in the forest on the east side of the village. I can hear the kids playing from where we are. For the split moment i focus on the kids the deer were hunting dashes and I'm at its feet in moments though my distraction has slowed me some. Not by much. dashing after the pray at full speed feeling my feet going faster than i can think and i slightly slip. Nipping at its ankles making it trips, i jump up and on to the scared frightened animals back. It bucks and kicks and grunts as i bite and claw my way to its neck and bite down with a crunch. One swift bite is all it would take. It falls to one leg then its two front kneeling forward breathing heavy, Then on all fours. its breathing turned to gasps.  

falling to the right slow and hard with a 'thud!'. Its breathing is now blood filled as i hold tight and lick the back of my teeth. With a slight bit of excitement i bit down harder. It looks up at me with dying eyes and with its last breath its eyes cloud over and as its head falls to the ground i know its no more. then theirs no movement. its dead.
i un-clench my teeth from its flesh sniffing it. yup dead. a whistle comes from behind only i can hear. i turn and run into the woods toward the noise and jump in a human's arms. "Good job Haani, Good Boy" licking his face he pets me and then i'm on the ground again whining and yelping for more. he points and i know he wants to know where the kill is. i dash off and then i'm called back and i run back. "show me" he speaks in a stern strong voice i know not to disobey. so i trot next to him my nose to the ground or looking at him. happily trotting along. my thoughts trailed off elsewhere though. to a time i first remember this human and his kindness. i was just a pup then. my eyes and ears not even open yet but when they did he was there. he feed me and cleaned me and loved me. he raised me as his own after i lost my family to a bear.

we hunt together every month for big gain and every week for small. this was one of are monthly hunts. i go in fine a good sized prey that'll feed the village and then hunt it down and kill it. they just bag it and bring it home and when we eat i get the legs over the days its lasts. he tells me we eat good because of me. i'm proud to be of such help. i snap out of it as i noticed that my prey was being chewed on by another wolf. i have not time to think i froze, growled crouched, unfrozen and bite the things tail. i hear a yell from my human the yelp from the small pup almost overpowers it. i hold tight as the pup tries to run for it but the grip i have on its tail is stronger. it yelps in pain with which ever move it make and with every move. finally ten minutes later it holds still shaking so bad my grip might be last. so i fix it. i slowly open my mouth and slam it back down with a better grip on the young pup. only a whimper comes from it now.

with its shaking and stillness i start to think its dead. but when my human comes over it thrashes again with much more power if not all. i couldn't imagine why it would be so scared or such a kind human till my human said "it's leg bite its leg hanni" looking up he nodded at me to do so without thought and so i did. i quickly let go of its tail biting hard on its leg. "harder so it breaks boy" i let go in surprise and he yelled. the pup dashing about a yard before i caught it again by the leg so hard i feel I've broken something. my human walks up beside me and pats my head giving me the OK to let go. "that's enough" he says with a grin look and i release the poor pup. i feel remorse for if i knew what came next maybe i wouldn't have attacked it in the first place. i released and it dashed for its life. i was looking at my human as he pulled for his bow and arrow. and then FOOOFFF~! shoot, with an arrow, in the back of the head. by my human. as it ran for its life thinking it was safe. i will never forget that moment. i watch the pup fall to the ground with a soft thud.
when wolf and human come together the results are amazing. great hunters and minds come together to help each other. that's what we see in this chapter of silver lining. a male wolf hunting with his Indian humans of the Canadian mountains. he has a happy life after being saved by humans but what is to come next in his life? will he always just be a pet or hunting tool? find out in more chapters to come!
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August 29, 2013
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